1992 VW Golf MK2

Scott Rains, Rains Photography

Sliding through a muddy turn at LSPR 2014 – Scott Rains, Rains Photography

At the Lake Superior Performance Rally in 2013, we had a little bit of an off with Deloris. Ok, it was a BIG OFF. The decision to repair the damages or get another car was quickly determined when this little beauty practically fell into our lap. Our buddies at Yahnusa Racing moved up to the Open Light class in a 2006 Subaru Impreza and were looking to offload their VW Golf that they campaigned for a few years in Group 2.

Seeing that we have the spares and the knowledge to build and run essentially the same car, we snatched it up quick and started swapping parts until we had a solid and rust free version of the last car. This old girl came from down south and was happy to have a few upgrades including the entire drive-train, suspension, and brakes. So yes, we swapped out pretty much everything. She treated us well for our return to Michigan for another running of LSPR in 2014. We were able to shake off a few electrical and mechanical gremlins and finish strong. We’ve only begun to tap into the potential of this machine and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.


Chassis: 1992 VW Golf
Motor: VW 2.0L ABA OBD2
Transmission: VW 02A
Suspension: JVAB Coilovers, B3 Passat Control Arms, MK3 Rear Beam
Brakes: VW MK3 Calipers

1987 VW GTI MK2


Hitting a big water splash in the 2005 Keweenaw Clubrally LSPR – Jerry Winker, Comicozzie Photograpy

DG Rally’s 1987 Volkswagen GTI was purchased in 2003 and was soon after affectionately named Deloris. The car was built by fellow Central Division racer Mike Merbach with the help of Off-road Truck Racing legend Scott Douglas. Merbach went on to successfully race the car throughout the 2002 season in the Production class of SCCA Performance Rally with several class wins.

DG Rally started racing Deloris in 2004 at the Ottawa Club Rally in conjunction with the Lake Superior Pro Rally.  This was the final rear of rally under the organization of SCCA and 2005 brought the introduction of Rally America as an organizing body.

Deloris started out as a bone stock 1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI. Fueled by a 1.8 liter 8 valve motor with an estimated 80 horse power… Under the wings of DG Rally, Deloris has undergone several cosmetic and changes (intentional and unintentional) as well as some performance upgrades. At some point in 2007, a decision was made to make some major upgrades. This resulted in a 4 year foot-dragging motor swap and rebuild with the end result being the Deloris v2.0 that we know today.