Dan Goldman, Dan Gidcum, Dave Grenwis and Grant Farely after the 2005 Headwaters Clubrally

DG Rally is a Grassroots Performance Rally team based out of Minneapolis Minnesota. We compete in Stage Rally sanctioned by Rally America in the Central Division, Rallycross events through SCCA, Rallycross events through Rally America, Ice Racing events, car shows etc…

DG Rally all started on a cold October night in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Dave and Dan (both students at Michigan Tech) were spectating at the LSPR Pro Rally, as they did every year, and after watching all the cars pass by… a comment was muttered “We could do that.”

A year after Dave and Dan Graduated from MTU they purchased a 1987 Volkswagen GTI rally car that had been prepared for SCCA stage rally, DG Rally was born. The rest as we know it, is history.