Ojibwe Forest Rally 2015

photo by Scott Rains

OFPR 2015 – photo by Scott Rains

We had an awesome race Detroit Lakes at the Ojibwe Forest Rally! Great weather, people and roads make us happy to have this as our home event. We started out charging hard on Friday (Paul Bunyon’s Ride) and things got a little crazy at times and had some moments. We dialed it back a bit and managed to secure 5th place in our class (G2) and 24th* out of 43 overall.

photo by Tomasz Czupryna

photo by Tomasz Czupryna

On Saturday (10,000 Lakes Rally) we made another push early on and the rough conditions really made it a test for Drivers and Crew. The second stage of Saturday (SS8) was rough and long and we were taking some chances. We had 2 spins and an off where we stalled the car each time, bent a tie-rod and road a flat out for the last 2 miles. We had a hectic tire change on the road and “limped” the car at a high speed through SS9 before heading in to the first service of the day. Our super fantastic crew of Josh Cagle, Doug Stevens and Ryan Hartman made quick work of the damage and got us back out on stage. Turns out we didn’t lose much time with all the drama earlier in the day so we went right after it again to try to finish strong. We had some great times the remaining stages and due to some new found speed and attrition we landed ourselves on the podium with a 3rd place in class and 16th overall* out of 43.

Dave (Driver) and Drew (Co-Driver) were firing on all cylinders for this event and if we can keep the car on the road, expect more awesome results! Next event LSPR!

We would like to thank our wives, family, friends for their continued support. Whether you are clicking through our Amazon banner, working on the car, preparing food, taking pictures or helping with our entry fees, each every little thing makes a tremendous impact. THANKS!!!

Finally a huge Thank You to our Sponsors: G&J Site Soutions, Detroit Beard Collective , Riolo Creative Engineering, Terra Firma and the DG Rally Super Fans!

*Rally America makes the results confusing as possible so the overall results above are based on the entire field (National and Regional), not just the regional competitors. Complete Results: Ojibwe Forest Rally Complete Results  Regional Results: Paul Bunyon’s Ride, 10,000 Lakes Rally

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