Support our team and look good doing it!

DG Rally Pit Crew ShirtAnnouncing our newest sponsors… Detroit Beard Collective! These guys just came on board and we’re really excited to represent them. They have unique products and awesome gear to go with it. As a special fundraiser to help support our team, they are selling these killer mechanic shirts designed by Riolo Creative Engineering. A portion of each sale goes to DG Rally to support us at our next race, The Lake Superior Pro Rally (LSPR). The shirts will be available for order until Tuesday September 30th. So place your order now and join our crew!

A few reasons to buy this shirt:
1. It’s awesome.
2. You like feeling good and looking good.
3. You’ve always wanted a beard (this shirt might help you grow a beard).
4. You love beards (this shirt might help you attract bearded people).
5. You’ve always wanted to look like a mechanic.
6. You are a mechanic and need a shirt without your name on it.
…and there are many more reasons!

Detroit Beard CollectiveBetter Beards are Built in Detroit!

Order yours today at


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