LSPR 2014 – Donate to help us get there!

Wrecker delivery after LSPR 2013

UPDATE: We met our goal! Thanks so much for donating, you guys rock!

Attention DG Rally Fans! Our next event The Lake Superior Pro Rally is on October 17-18th in Houghton MI. The “big show” is returning to the U.P. once again and that means the National big dogs are back in town and we get to run along with them! Things didn’t turn out that well last year, the old car is toast… but we got another trusty VW rally car that we can’t wait to hit the stages with! We were truly honored to exceed our funding goal last year and completely devastated when everything that could have gone wrong, did. We owe you one so were scrambling to pull it all together again for this event.

DG Rally shared Prakruti Photography's photo.We’re already registered, but like last year we could use some help. We are a grass roots racing team, so the budget is tight. The pace notes* are “included” in the entrance fee again this year so we are hoping to cover what they would cost and match our goal for last year of $350. Could we use more? Of course, but this keeps our expenses even with last year so that will be our goal. We do get a small amount from our sponsors to help pay for events but the rest is out of our pockets.

DG Rally - Argon Tower - Right 5 KickSince our “coozie for your donation” program worked so well last year, were going to do it again this year. So…every donation of $10 gets you a custom DG Rally Coozie! And you know coozies are better in pairs so… why not give $20? Do you already have a DG Rally Coozie but never donated? Well, how about hitting us back with a ten spot?

Help us out, donate a few dollars so we can meet our goal before the race!

What are Pace Notes?

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